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3D Wood Veneer

3 Dimensional Molded Veneers for caps/overlays or inserts in injection molding equipment and other. Lenderink Technologies offers various solutions for this application.

  • Natural wood veneers sanded down to approximately .015/.017” in thickness or to .008” with backers applied.
  • Natural wood veneers backed with various backers #160ts, 170ts, .0005” to .025” solid adhesive backer films. Both can come with a clear plastic overlay pre-stained or natural.

The above products are molded to shape by heat, moisture, or special chemicals that add to flexibility.

In addition to 3 Dimensional Molded Veneers, Lenderink offers pre-finishing overlay films with a finish from low to high gloss and various degrees of surface characteristics, thicknesses and colors.

As a solutions provider, we also offer Dribond Dryfilm Adhesives that will act as a layer for pre-shaped metal or glass inserts to be backed with supports and fasteners in the injection molding process.

Lenderink Technologies suggests the latest in environmentally friendly technology using an injection molding compound that is approximately 50% natural wood fiber. This allows for backed molded veneer parts to be over 50% natural wood fiber.

Now available in any specie.

NEW! Fold or Mold is a NEW 3D Core material to enhance the 3D wood veneer.

Learn more about Fold or Mold HERE.

Download Fold or Mold Brochure: