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Fold or Mold

Fold or Mold Sheet Stock is opening broad new areas of innovation to designers, model makers, and craftsman as well as component manufacturing (i.e. packaging, furniture, partitions, auto, aircraft and exhibition/point of purchase display).

Fold or Mold is easily bent, folded, curved, scored or creased to create strong 3D parts. Fold or Mold is the newest cost-effective, green choice (some formulations over ninety % from recycled plastics) for containers, suitcase cores, or even lampshades (translucent applications).  Fold or Mold molds for 3D components that can be made by hand or in low cost presses as only low pressures are needed to create shapes.

Fold or Mold rigid backer/engineered core is the future of strong, functional, environmentally green, high end 3D.    Many constructions of this composite are available with different fibers or scrims added into the sheet for different end uses.  This flexibility can deliver different molded looks and strengths.  (Fire retardancy is available.)  Fold or Mold is easily molded to virtually any shape when heated to “GT”.  Surfaces can be overlaid, printed, embossed or laminated with deco wood, tiles or fabrics.  Adhesives and plastic coatings are also available.