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Wood veneer uses

We offer some of the finest natural Architectural Veneer Faces. Our veneers are engineered to fill the requests of designers, musicians and cabinet makers that demand accurate color and grain and performance. The veneer is processed to meet today’s standards for “Green”, Certified, Thickness, Grade, Color, Repeatability, Buildup, etc. Just call or email us to find out how we can be your problem solver. From the finest Micro-thin Veneers to Thick Core Veneer with or without certified backers and pre-applied State of the Art adhesives and overlays. Our wish is to serve a broad group of discerning customers. From “do-it-yourself”-ers to high-production plants. Those of you whom appreciate the very best, but still care about God’s Green Earth. Lenderink’s goal is to make buying wood veneers quick, easy, clear, “Green” and just in time.